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If you are experiencing partnership, parenting, or other types of relationship difficulties, confidential and practical professional help may be the keys to your being able to work through your problems.

Anger Management

Anger can often be a very confusing emotion. On one hand, it can be an appropriate and healthy feeling, but if inappropriately expressed it can be destructive and dangerous. If unmanaged, anger can have wide reaching consequences on our everyday lives, within our relationships, worklife, and our overall physical wellbeing. Counselling can help you to begin to understand your anger, what triggers your negative responses, and how to improve your quality of life.

Stress Counselling

If a combination of work and personal problems are undermining your health, self-esteem or work performance, (or the effectiveness of your team or company) this professional counselling service can help you clarify the issues and find a satisfactory way forward, aiming for practical, attainable solutions.

Life Coaching

A confidential discussion and professional analysis and review of your skills and competencies, followed by caring support and coaching, can be genuinely valuable in helping you to achieve your goals.

Critical Incident Care

Rail, road, air, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks are all Critical Incidents, but so are physical and sexual attacks, muggings and the sudden death of someone close or known to you. I have had specific training and experience in Critical Incident Processing and Recovery for individuals and welcomes referrals for this service from GPs, HR managers or employers.

Personal Therapy and Supervision

I offer personal therapy to individuals, other counsellors/therapists and counselling students. Both newly qualified and experienced counsellors are invited to inquire about Supervision .

I welcome referrals for these services from idividuals, GPs, HR managers or employers.

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